Banksia Farm at Mount Barker in Western Australia is currently the world’s only complete arboretum of Banksia. Our three hectare property also contains an extensive collection of Dryandra with the majority of species and infra-generic taxa along with many other Proteaceae and showy native species.
Our planting on a bare farm paddock commenced in 1985 and on achieving all Banksia species by 1993 we decided to share our plants and expertise with the wider public and opened as a tourist botanical garden. All the plants are professionally labelled and walk paths established.


During our operations over the past fifteen years we have concentrated our education on the Proteaceae family of plants with specific focus on Banksia and Dryandra.  Other genera such as grevillea, hakea, adenanthos, petrophile, lambertia etc are used to show the linkages between genera and to point out the specific differences to assist in easy identification.  The different genera show great examples of the diversity of foliage placing them aptly in Proteaceae. Proteus, being the Greek sea god of, “many shapes and forms”.


We explain that all Proteaceae have winged seeds that fly. The aerodynamic features vary across the genera with winged seed that spin and fly, to transport and spread seeds eg. banksia, dryandra & hakeas to genera such as petrophile, isopogon having parachute-like wings or attachments on the seeds to disperse them.   Examples are shown to visitors with demonstration of flying techniques