Banksia Botanic Garden Tours


Garden tours available ONLY for houseguests and groups by appointment.

Allow 2 hours.

Houseguests $20/hd.
Single $30.00.
Tours $12.50/hd.
Tours with morning or afternoon tea $18.00/hd.
Tours with light lunch $35.00/hd.


Concession prices for groups greater than 10.


 Freshly baked scones with homemade jam & cream.
 Homemade quiche or lasagne with jacket potato, crispy garden salad & homemade fresh bread.


Banksia Farm botanic gardens are world renowned housing the only complete arboretum of the 79 Species and 24 infra-generic taxa of banksia. The gardens also boasts one of the largest collections of  allied genera Dryandra, endemic to WA, having around 70 of the 130 species along with other showy hakeas, grevillea and other wildflower species.


The 3 Ha garden created from a bare grass paddock is now a thriving eco-system with several species of frog, a wealth of resident and visiting birds, pygmy & honey possums, lizards & skinks.  You can walk under the canopy of giant river banksias some 3m in girth and 20m tall.
Banksias flower throughout the year. Statistically 20 Species in summer, 45 species autumn, 40 species winter and 35 species in spring.
Best banksia visiting times are May and June. Best overall garden flowering September and October.
The interactive tours of the garden allow photography, to feel the different textured flowers, to suck nectar or chew banksia gum in season and to smell the banksia blooms and aromatic foliage of various Myrtaceous species.


You will learn about the discovery, history and usage of Banksia’s by aboriginals and early European settlers. Be shown how they are a compass and even try your hand at blowing a gum nut whistle. Have demonstrated seed extraction and fly the winged seeds as well as learning about evolution and pollination.
Kevin’s enthusiasm is contagious. He has assisted several PhD students with materials or advice, lectured across Australia and provided consultancy advice & lectured in California USA. He contributes regularly to banksia study group newsletters and has with wife Kathy and botanist Alex George co-authored the main reference titled Banksias, in 2008, on the genus.